MLS Round 11: Portland Timbers

Home Game Day Info

Friday, May 10th, Kickoff 7:00pm

The Whitecaps went to Colorado and throttled a road win out of the bedraggled Rapids! In the Toilet Bowl, we reigned supreme! Unfortunately for us, our leap-frog up the table was short lived, as Portland also put together a win on the road against the salty lakers.

It’s a Cascadia Cup match-up for us this week, meaning we need our boys dialed in and ready to go. Portland have won three in a row, all on the road, as their home stadium gets a face lift. Too bad for them they’re losing on Friday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry, eh?

#walkout35 – Protest walkout called for again Friday

As some of you may have seen, the start of this week has been a busy one for Whitecaps supporters. Monday evening, we met with Ciara McCormack and Curva Collective, and Tuesday evening Rain City Brigade, Curva Collective and Southsiders board members met with Whitecaps executives and minority owner Jeff Mallett.

We went into the meeting with the Whitecaps with some objectives we wanted to accomplish with them and questions we wanted answered, and unfortunately we did not get what we hoped for.

Despite the private meeting held with supporters, the communications from the Whitecaps have not changed since their May 1st statement.

We, along with the Curva Collective, are once again calling for a walkout at the 35th minute of the game, to watch the remainder of the first half on the concourse as we have done on April 17th and April 27th. We are calling for the walkout, showing solidarity with the former Whitecaps and U20 National Team players who have come forward with their stories of abuse, for the following reasons:

  • The desired meeting between the former players and Whitecaps ownership, without involvement of the Whitecaps executives, is still not happening as requested.
  • We disagree with the media strategy, consisting primarily of silence, that the Whitecaps are using, and encourage them to openly and promptly answer questions from all media.
  • We want to highlight the issue of athlete safety, and encourage everyone to look into the work being done nationally and provincially right now. Pitch in if you’re able. For more info search for #safeSport and #safeSportAthletes on social media, and look to the work being done by AthletesCAN ( and VIASport (

As always, this protest is aimed at our continued displeasure at how the Whitecaps executives have responded to the ongoing scandal brought to light by Ciara McCormack’s February 25th blog post and the former U20 Women’s National Team players. We have been keeping our tracking page updated if you want to review what’s happened so far:

Referee Assignments

REF: Allen Chapman
AR1: Logan Brown
AR2: Michael Kampmeinert
4TH: Elvis Osmanovic
VAR: Silviu Petrescu
AVAR: Joshua Patlak

Cascadia Cup Standings

  • Vancouver Whitecaps: 0W – 1D – 0L, 1 pt
  • Seattle Sounders: 0W – 1D – 0L, 1pt
  • Portland Timbers: 0W – 0D – 0L, 0pts

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 2W – 3D – 5L, 9 pts, 10th place MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: D-W-L-D-W
  • Portland Timbers: 3W – 1D – 5L, 10 pts, 9th place MLS West
  • Lumber-oafs form: L-L-W-W-W

Pre-Match At

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 11:00am – Library Square opens
  • 4:30pm – Membership table opens at Library Square
  • 5:45pm – Membership table closes
  • 6:00pm – March to BC Place
  • 7:00pm – Game kicks off
  • 35th minute – protest walkout until half-time
  • 9:00pm – One barge-full of northern bleached softwood kraft pulp coming out of BC Place in a hurry!

March route

March to the match route: Homer st to Robson st to Terry Fox Plaza

*There isn’t a corresponding asterisk to this footnote.

MLS Round 10: Colorado Rapids

Away Game Day Info

Friday, May 3rd, Kickoff 6:00pm

Note for those who don’t read all the way to the bottom: we have an alternate venue for our away viewing this Friday due to a previously arranged private event at our normal venue. We’re at the Lamplighter this Friday evening!

It’s time for the Toilet Bowl! That’s right, the two worst teams in MLS are set to slap-fight each other for the crumbs falling off the top of the table. Which lukewarm team will get an extra large serving of dessert*? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s waiting for Friday! No one likes waiting, but there’s no way around it, unless you’ve pierced the veil of time and space through witchcraft, sorcery and advanced mathematics.

If you’re looking for something to brighten the prospect of a low-powered slug-fest, remember that both Kei Kamara and Nicolas Mezquida play for the Rapids. Here’s a Fun Fact™ for you: Kei Kamara has scored 5 goals, which is more than the 2 of the Whitecaps leading scorer so far this season, Doneil Henry. Another Fun Fact™: Nicolas Mezquida has the same goal & assist tally (1 of each) as our best offensive player, Yordy Reyna.

Speaking of Yordy, he’s seriously injured. Let’s all wish him a speedy recovery. We desperately need someone (everyone?) to step up their game in his absence.

Oh and Colorado fired their coach Wednesday morning. That seems like it bears mentioning.

Referee Assignments

REF: Alex “Relaaaaaaax” Chilowicz
AR1: Jeff “Night King” Hosking
AR2: TJ “Tiger Juice” Zablocki
4TH: Lorant “Lorax” Varga
VAR: Edvin “Never Right” Jurisevic
AVAR: Jonathan “Always Wrong” Johnson

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 1W – 3D – 5L, 5pts, 23rd place in MLS
  • Whitecaps form: L-D-W-L-D
  • Colorado Rapids: 0W – 2D – 7L, 2pts, 24th place in MLS
  • Goal hemorrhage FC form: L-L-L-L-L (not a typo)

Away Viewing At the Lamplighter!

Library Square had been bought out for this date before we entered into our agreement. This is the last time we’ll be hosted at an alternate venue for the rest of the year, though! Join us at the Lamplighter on Water St! It’s totally not awkward that you’ll probably walk past the Whitecaps offices to get there.

  • Lamplighter Public House, 92 Water St
  • Membership table will be open from 5pm (I think… I hope… It’s been a busy couple of days)

Please RSVP to our Facebook event to help our temporary venue partner reserve the right about of tables for us!

*I don’t know what the dessert represents in this sports metaphor gone mild.

MLS Round 9: Philadelphia Union

Home Game Day Info

Saturday, April 27th, Kickoff 2:00pm

The Philadelphia Union are what’s known as “a playoff team”, which means if we ended the season 26 games early, Philadephia doesn’t have the chance to go on a 26 game losing streak started by the Whitecaps pounding a dozen goals past them this Saturday. Oh and they’d be in “the playoffs / play-ins, let’s not commit to one name for our constantly changing post-season turkey shoot.” Mostly because they didn’t lose 26 games in a row. A losing streak that starts this Saturday. Book it.

Tactical analysis: If the Whitecaps can score more goals than the Union, then whatever the formation and tactics employed by the visitors, they were wrong. If the opposite happens, the Whitecaps were probably screwed by VAR and you shouldn’t read too much into it.

#walkout35 – Protest walkout called for this Saturday

The Whitecaps have not materially addressed any of the ongoing concerns of Ciara McCormack and the former U20 Canadian National Women’s Team player pool members. In fact, things have worsened for the Whitecaps, as it has come to light that they employed someone as a youth coach that was previously turfed from his position at Notts County due to racist actions. They claim that they didn’t know of the charges (later proven) against the coach at the time. Sound familiar?

The protest action taken at the last home game has had the desired effect of getting this very important issue fully out into the public eye. Perhaps as a result of the increased media attention on this matter, Whitecaps executives and owners have reached out to supporters groups. We are arranging to meet in person with them in the coming days.

We are still committed to supporting the women who have come forward with their stories of abuse and harassment at the hands of their former coach. Until they have had their concerns addressed to their satisfaction, our club’s executives and owners must hear & see our displeasure at their handling of this matter both in the past and presently.

If you feel that the Whitecaps executives must address the ongoing scandal fully, and take accountability for their actions, please join us by leaving your seat during the 35th minute of the game on Saturday wherever in the stadium you may sit or stand. We will support from the concourse again for the final minutes of the first half. Should you choose to remain in your seat, you can still support our protest by messaging the club directly to signal your dissatisfaction.

Referee Assignments

REF: Christopher Penso
AR1: Eric Boria
AR2: Gianni Facchini
4TH: Michael Radchuk
VAR: Chico Grajeda
AVAR: Mauricio Navarro

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 1W – 2D – 5L, 5 pts, 10th place MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: D-L-D-W-L
  • Philadelphia Union: 4W – 1D – 3L, 4th place MLS East
  • Snakes on a plane form: W-W-W-L-W (yikes)

Pre-Match At

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 11:00am – Library Square opens
  • 1:00pm – March leaves Library Square
  • 2:00pm – Game kicks off
  • 35th minute – protest walkout until half-time
  • 4:00pm – We’ll always have Paris

March route

March to the match route: Homer st to Robson st to Terry Fox Plaza

MLS Round 8: Orlando City

Away Game Day Info

Saturday, April 20th, Kickoff 12:00pm

The madmen went and did it! The Whitecaps slew the early-season giant!

Our Whitecaps held LAFC off the score sheet for the team’s second clean sheet of the season (and third clean sheet since April 27th, 2018), making Inbeom’s wicked strike after Adnan’s charging run and PC’s curling shot off post the game winner. First win of the season for us, first loss of the season for them. We finally got a bit of magic back at BC Place. Watch that goal again, it’ll do you good.

As for Orlando – it’s a long way away. The Whitecaps spent yesterday in the air trying to recover from the previous night’s exertions. MDS said it would be the same 18 that played Wednesday night going down south. Hopefully they stayed hydrated and managed to massage out the bumps and bruises.

Orlando City’s results have been a mixed bag this year, including two home losses out of four at home. Some of our players will be facing their former club and looking to send the Floridian crowd home disappointed.

Referee Assignments

REF: Alan “The Reasonable One” Kelly
AR1: Adam “WatchOutSki!” Wienckowski
AR2: Jeremy “Queso” Kieso
4TH: Yusri “Reindeer” Rudolf
VAR: Caleb “Please don’t call me” Mendez
AVAR: Kevin “Please don’t call him” Klinger

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 1W – 2D – 4L, 5pts, 9th in MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-D-L-D-W
  • Orlando City SC: 2W – 2D – 3L, 8pts, 6th in MLS East
  • Purple people form: L-W-L-W-L

Away Viewing

  • Library Square Public House, 300 West Georgia St – all ages for Whitecaps game days!
  • Membership table for cash payments and pickups will be available after 11:00am

Please RSVP to our Facebook event to help our venue partner reserve the right amount of tables for us!

MLS Round 7: LAFC

Home Game Day Info

Wednesday, April 17th, Kickoff 7:00pm

It’s another round of David versus Goliath. An undefeated, top of the league LAFC come to BC Place to face off against our yet-to-be-feated not-quite-bottom-of-the-league-but-close Whitecaps.

Please forgive the brevity and less than usual amount of jokes in this game day preview. There’s a vitally important issue we need to discuss.

Abuse and bullying scandal surrounding the Whitecaps and Canada Soccer

For those who haven’t seen the many articles and public statements made on the scandal kicked off by Ciara McCormack’s February 25th blog post (, please take a look at this timeline of relevant links we’ve put together:

On Monday April 15th, some of our members met with Ciara McCormack and Eden Hingwing, spokesperson for the 13 former Whitecaps Women’s Team and Canadian U20 Women’s National Team Members who put out a joint statement April 1st. Their statement can be found here:

We ask that everyone pay particular attention to the three requests in the statement linked above. It is vital that we as the larger soccer community all think on how we can support those aims, and follow up to see the needed change enacted.

We wish to express our support and solidarity with those who have come forward. As part of expressing our solidarity, we will be inviting everyone who feels that the Whitecaps executives have not acted properly on their duty of care to young athletes to join us in an in-stadium protest.

In-stadium protest details for April 17th

Our members who feel compelled to act and those of the Curva Collective joining us in our section for the match who feel similarly will be walking out of our section in the 35th minute to watch the remainder of the half on the concourse. We invite all those who wish to join us, regardless of where you sit or stand, to do the same. The second half will resume like any other game day and support will continue through to the end of the match uninterrupted.

This is not a protest aimed at our players, nor the technical staff, nor the many earnest and hardworking employees of the Whitecaps. Our dissatisfaction is aimed squarely at the executives who were in charge of the club in 2008 through to the present day. Their silence and lack of accountability in this scandal, as well as the urgent need for better protection for young athletes in all sports compels us to act.

Referee Assignments

REF: Ramy Touchan
AR1: Frank Anderson
AR2: Jeremy Hanson
4TH: Joe Dickerson
VAR: Allen Chapman
AVAR: Rene Parra

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 0W – 2D – 4L, 2 pts, 10th place MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-D-L-D
  • LAFC: 6W – 1D – 0L, 1st place MLS West
  • Beach boys form: D-W-W-W-W

Pre-Match At

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

Note: No march Wednesday! Use the extra time to feed and water yourselves, but don’t forget the potential for increased delays due to change security measures.

  • 5:00pm – Membership table opens
  • 6:00pm – Membership table closes
  • 7:00pm – Game kicks off
  • Game time: 35:00 – protest walkout until half-time
  • 9:00pm – Whatever will be, will be

No March on Weekdays

“A Horrific Canadian Soccer Story” – Recent Timeline and Links

In February, a scandal involving the Vancouver Whitecaps & Canada Soccer, based on alleged actions by a former employee, was brought out into the public by a blog post written by a former Whitecaps player, Ciara McCormack. Since then, others have come forward to add their voices of support, as well as bring more information into public view.

As supporters of the Whitecaps we find the initial allegations and subsequent handling of the situation by the Whitecaps executives, both in the past and presently, to be deeply troubling. As time has gone by it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of all of the information that has come to light. We have collected relevant links and material in this post so that others may inform themselves on this important topic. We will attempt to keep it updated as needed.

If you see an omission or error below, please contact with the needed correction or additional information.

February 25th, 2019

Ciara’s blog post, posted February 25th, 2019, can be read here:

At the time of the blog’s publishing the coach in question, later identified as Bob Birarda, was a coach of the U-18 girls team at Coastal FC.

February 26th, 2019

BC Soccer issues a public statement about Ciara McCormack’s blog post.

Coastal FC reacts by suspending Birarda from his current duties and comments publicly via their twitter account @Coastal_FC.

February 27th, 2019

The Breaker News publishes a story that positively identifies the coach as Bob Birarda.

CityNews 1130 publish a story, written by Martin MacMahon, about Ciara McCormack’s blog.

February 28th, 2019

J.J. Adams writing for The Province publishes an article on the scandal, with comments from Coastal FC. The Whitecaps decline to comment on specific questions put to them, instead instead issuing a generic statement, parts of which is included in the article.

On Twitter, J.J. Adams recites an updated statement from the Whitecaps, where they indicate they have no record of any inquiries from Coastal FC regarding Birarda.

Click on the date under the tweet to see the whole thread.

Caleb Wilkins writes an article on Eighty Six Forever about McCormack’s blog and includes contact information for some of the Whitecaps minority owners.

March 1st, 2019

BC Soccer issues an open letter from its President Kjeld Brodsgaard. In it, BC Soccer commits to an independent third-party review.

March 4th, 2019

Sportsnet 650 produce a podcast episode with hosts Dan Riccio & J.J. Adams speaking to Ciara McCormack about the allegations she made public in her blog post.

March 5th, 2019

Jack Reddy, long-time coach in the metro Vancouver area, issues a statement indicating that senior leadership of Coastal FC were aware of the allegations made against Birarda at the time he joined their club.

March 26th, 2019

Andrea Neil, former Whitecap and Canadian National Women’s Team player, issues a statement of support for Ciara McCormack, adding her own direct knowledge of what transpired.

Andrea Neil’s statement is covered in an article written by J.J. Adams for The Province.

BC Soccer releases an update on their independent third-party review via a tweet.

April 1st, 2019

Twelve players from the 2008 U20 Women’s National Team put out a statement where they detail “incidents of abuse, manipulation, or inappropriate behavior towards players.”

The number of players co-signing the statement is increased to thirteen on April 4th.

The players make 3 key demands in their statement, repeated here to emphasize their importance:

1) That Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps implement formal policies using current best practices, that are in line with other elite sports organizations. Hockey Canada lists the following policy on their website:
“It is the policy of Hockey Canada that any Hockey Canada personnel (part-time and full-time staff, volunteer, participant, team official, on ice official) or Hockey Canada partner (parent, guardian) who, has reasonable grounds to suspect that a participant is or may be suffering or may have suffered from emotional, physical abuse and neglect and/or sexual abuse shall immediately report the suspicion and the information on which it is based to the local child protection agency and/or the local police detachment.”

2) Coaches who have behaved inappropriately with players or who demonstrate a pattern of abusive behavior, should not be allowed to retain their coaching licenses.

3) Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps should address what happened in 2008, and why Bob was enabled to coach young girls today. We support the full and thorough investigation BC Soccer has announced they will be conducting, with a truly independent third party organization. We call for Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps to follow in their footsteps, and conduct their own investigations by also using third-party organizations. We ask for the findings of these three investigations to be made public.

The Whitecaps publish a statement on a secondary domain from their primary domain. The text of the statement has previously been sent to many supporters, fans and media who have contacted the club and its executives directly, missing the last paragraph which was added as a result of the U20 blog post.

Note: The link above was overwritten by the statement released by the Whitecaps on April 17th. See below for the original text of the April 1st statement, retrieved from the Internet Archive (

April 2nd, 2019

CityNews 1130 publish an article written by Martin MacMahon about the statement issued by the U20 Women’s National Team players. The article includes references to the statement from the Whitecaps where they indicate they have contacted police.

The Globe and Mail publish an article written by Gemma Karstens-Smith about the statement issued by the U20 Women’s National Team players.

April 3rd, 2019

Karin Larsen of the CBC writes about the former U20 players’ statement.

April 4th, 2019

J.J. Adams writes an article for The Province, indicating that the Whitecaps have contacted police due to the allegations made in the statement released by the former U20 Women’s National Team players on April 1st.

The Telegraph publish a story written by Katie Whyatt ahead of the #canWNT match against England.

April 5th, 2019

Whitecaps supporters group Curva Collective issues a public statement of support for the former players.

CityNews 1130 publishes an article by Martin MacMahon regarding the Curva Collective statement.

The Breaker News publishes a story with commentary from Diane Voice, Whitecaps women’s team manager.

April 8th, 2019

Hana Taiji, one of the 13th former U20 National Team players, issues a personal statement.

April 11th, 2019

The Guardian, in the UK, publishes an article on the scandal.

April 15th, 2019

BC Soccer issues a public update on their third-party review (now being called an ‘assessment’), naming Rubin Thomlinson LLP as the firm to perform the assessment of their policies & by-laws, with Ms. Marisha Roman as the project lead.

April 16th, 2019

The Guardian publishes a second article by Matthew Hall containing extensive quotes from former player Eden Hingwing and former Whitecaps Women’s Team manager Diane Voice.

The Southsiders & Curva Collective announce a plan for a limited walk out for the last part of the 1st half of the home game against LAFC. This protest is to show solidarity with the brave women who have come forward to tell their stories, and show collective displeasure at the reaction of the Whitecaps executives to the scandal.

Martin MacMahon of CityNews 1130 publishes an article including an interview with Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, VP of the Southsiders, explaining more about the aims of the supporters protest.

J.J. Adams writes a piece that is published on both the Vancouver Sun and The Province covering the planned protest by supporters. Quotes from an interview with the Southsiders VP are included. &

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive writes an article about the planned supporters walkout, including a larger summary of the scandal to date.

Nick Wells writes about the planned supporters action for CTV News.

April 17th, 2019 – Pregame

The Whitecaps release a “Letter to the Whitecaps Community” which is not signed by any executive but rather “Vancouver Whitecaps FC”. You can find a link to it in the following tweet:

Canadian Footy Corner podcast uploads their 7th episode where they talk to Eden Hingwing, spokesperson for the former U20 Canadian Women’s National Team player pool. Discussion of the scandal starts around ~14 minute mark.

Sportsnet 650 radio hosts Dan Riccio and Randip Janda react to the Whitecaps updated statement.

CTV News publishes a a story by Nick Wells including comments from Vancouver Police Department.

April 17th, 2019 – Postgame

The CBC publishes an article with multiple contributors on the supporters protest during the match.

Jon Azpiri with Global News covers the scandal, including the supporters protest.

Karen Larson of the CBC (contributor to the article above) posts a twitter thread regarding the Whitecaps statements and the ombudsperson hired for the third-party review in 2008.

Click on the date above the photo to see the full thread on Twitter.

April 18th, 2019

TSN Radio Vancouver 1040 has Ciara McCormack on the Sekeres & Price show for an extended discussion and interview.

Sportsnet Radio 650 has Ciara McCormack on their Reach Deep show with hosts Dan Riccio & Randip Janda.

Harjeet Johal writes for the Daily Hive about the game on the 17th and includes details and social media posts about the protest.

Ed Willes writes a column for The Province covering the scandal.

Daphne Bramham writes a column for the Vancouver Sun about this scandal and the broader problem of abuse across all sports.

April 19th, 2019

Caleb Wilkins writes an analysis of the Whitecaps statement from April 17th on the SBNation blog devoted to covering the Whitecaps, 86Forever.

April 20th, 2019

Harjeet Johal writes about the scandal, including text of a statement from Canada Soccer, on The Equalizer.

April 22nd, 2019

Eoin O’Callaghan writes an article for The 42, an Irish sports news site.

Martin MacMahon of CityNews 1130 writes about season ticket holders cancelling their season tickets in reaction to the Whitecaps executives handling of the scandal.

April 23rd, 2019

Southsiders member Chris Corrigan posts a thread discussing his personal reaction to the scandals that surround the Whitecaps.

A separate scandal is brought to light by Martin MacMahon – Brett Adams is revealed to have left his previous club Notts County in 2013 because of racist actions that the English FA later found “proven”.

April 25th, 2019

The Southsiders board of directors call for a repeat of the 35th minute walkout, as nothing of substance has changed in the Whitecaps executives handling of this scandal since the last home game.

April 26th, 2019

J.J. Adams of the Province covers the announced second walkout, including several comments from the Southsiders Vice President.

Martin MacMahon and Dean Recksiedler write about the second planned walkout.

Rob Williams of the Daily Hive writes about the second planned walkout.

April 27th, 2019

Southsiders board members, members of the Curva Collective, and representatives from Rain City Brigade all meet with Whitecaps executives Rachel Lewis, Greg Anderson, Bob Lenarduzzi, Tom Plasteras, employee Josh Nanavaty and part-owner Jeff Mallett at 11am (3 hours before the scheduled match against Philadelphia).

Ashley Burr of CityNews 1130 puts together a video talking about the walkout as well as the meeting.

Global News put out their own story about the second walkout and meeting between supporters and club. &

April 28th, 2019

J.J. Adams writes for the Vancouver Postmedia papers about the meeting between Whitecaps & supporters, and the second walkout protest. &

April 29th, 2019

Breakfast Television Vancouver does a segment on the second walkout and meeting between the supporters and Whitecaps executives & management, with Martin MacMahon of CityNews 1130.

Dan Riccio and J.J. Adams discuss the ongoing silence from the Whitecaps & interview Southsiders Vice President as part of their Fine Lines show.

The Cambie Report, a local politics podcast hosted by Patrick Meehan, Matthew Naylor and Ian Bushfield, cover the scandal. The perspective is mostly that of Mr. Meehan, Whitecaps season ticket holder and Southsiders member.

May 1st, 2019

Martin MacMahon of CityNews 1130 writes about the Timbers Army / 107IST reaching out to Vancouver supporters about the ongoing scandal & protests.

The Whitecaps release a public letter, signed by co-owners Jeff Mallett and Greg Kerfoot. Included is their timeline of events from 2008.

Local reporters are physically blocked from participating in the private audience held by Jeff Mallett with select media (CTV, Global and Canadian Press were deemed suitable to attend). Martin MacMahon of CityNews 1130, and J.J. Adams of Postmedia, despite their coverage of the issue and repeated requests for comments from the Whitecaps, did not receive invites to speak with Mr. Mallett at all.

Gemma Kerstens-Smith (the Canadian Press reporter), wrote the following story for CP on private audience.

CTV News produced video and published a story by Nick Wells on the private audience with Mr Mallett.

Additonal video from CTV news (3 clips in total) is available here:

May 2nd, 2019

Ciara McCormack publishes a blog addressing the statement released by the Whitecaps on May 1st.

Sportsnet 650 “Starting Lineup” show with James Cybulski, Perry Solkowski & Rick Dhaliwal takes about the Whitecaps media release.

Martin MacMahon writes about questions arising from the statement released by the Whitecaps on May 1st.

Mr Mallett appears on TSN Radio 1040 (interview recorded May 1st).

Joanna Chiu and Cherise Seucharan write for the Star Vancouver about the reaction to the Whitecaps May 1st statement.

North Shore News publishes a long form article written by Andy Prest about Ciara McCormack and the current scandal.

Public Radio International produces a segment about the scandal, including an interview with Ciara McCormack. Transcript available as well as audio.

May 3rd, 2019

Deadspin publishes an article on the scandal.

May 6th, 2019

Two members of the Southsiders Board of Directors appear on Breakfast Television Vancouver to discuss the scandal.

Bob Mackin publishes an interview with former Whitecaps W-League team captain Tiffeny Milbrett on The Breaker News.

Members of the Vancouver Southsiders board of directors and members of Curva Collective meet privately with Ciara McCormack.

May 7th, 2019

Representatives of the Vancouver Southsiders, Curva Collective and Rain City Brigade meet with Whitecaps executives and ownership.

Matthew Hall of The Guardian publishes an interview with CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani.

May 8th, 2019

The Southsiders post a tweet thread summary of the meeting from the previous night:

Click on the date under the tweet text to be taken to the full thread on Twitter

The Southsiders call for another walkout at the 35th minute in their game day preview.

The Timbers Army call for their travelling supporters to participate in the walkout.

J.J. Adams of Postmedia writes an article about the meeting, including quotes from former Southsiders President Brett Bird.

Manuel Veth writes for Pro Soccer USA discussing the third walkout.

May 9th, 2019

Karin Larsen of the CBC writes about the planned walkout on Friday’s match against the Timbers, including quotes from both Southsiders and Timbers Army (107 IST) leadership.

Gemma Karstens-Smith of The Canadian Press writes a story published in the Chilliwack Progress.

May 13th, 2019

Ciara McCormack appears on Breakfast Television Vancouver.

Soccer Today! discusses the scandals surrounding the Whitecaps with Southsiders VP Paul Sabourin-Hertzog.

May 14th, 2019

Dan Riccio and J.J. Adams interview Marc Dos Santos on Fine Lines. Questions include staff and players reactions to the walkouts.

Matt Pentz writes an article titled “Ciara McCormack, whistle-blower on a toxic Whitecaps culture, is still waiting for a satisfactory response” for The Athletic. Subscription required.

The Southsiders call for another walkout during the match against Atlanta United on May 15th.

May 20th, 2019

A private meeting between Whitecaps ownership and a group of the former players occurs.

May 23rd, 2019

The Southsiders call for an end to the walkouts during the Whitecaps games and instead ask for people to #shineALight35 instead.

May 27th, 2019

Ciara McCormack writes another blog post discussing a meeting that happened between Whitecaps ownership and the former players.

The Whitecaps announce that they have retained Sport Law & Strategy Group to conduct a “thorough review of the Club’s current and past safe sport policies and procedures, and its management of those policies…”

May 31st, 2019

Ciara McCormack is interviewed on Sportnet 650’s “Starting Lineup” show hosted by James Cybulski, Perry Solkowski, & Rick Dhaliwal.

Bob Lenarduzzi appears on TSN Radio Vancouver.

June 7th, 2019

Cherise Seucharan of the Vancouver Star writes an article providing an overview of the Southsiders & Curva Collective efforts to support the former Whitecaps & Canada U20 players.

MLS Round 6: Chicago Fire

Away Game Day Info

Friday, April 12th, Kickoff 5:30pm

I have an idea: let’s have a game without penalties. A game where neither team earns one, or deserves one. There won’t be a penalty called then rescinded. There won’t be a yet another blog post by PRO talking about how they got things wrong and so-and-so deserved a penalty, or should not have had one called against them. And we certainly won’t see… whatever we saw last Friday (if you were lucky enough to run the gauntlet of BC Place security in time to see it, that is).

Wishful thinking, I know. But speaking of wishful thinking… How about a win this Friday? Chicago have already been beaten at home, albeit by a very good Seattle team from whom the Whitecaps have extracted the season’s lone point. The first half of the Whitecaps last match (minus the first two minutes), showed that the team is starting to settle in to Marc Dos Santos’ tactics. But we’ll need a complete performance and someone to hammer the damn ball into the top corner from oh let’s say 12 yards out directly in front of the keeper. *cough*

Referee Assignments:

REF: Jair “Tartufo” Marrufo
AR1: Corey “Rocky Road” Rockwell
AR2: Jose “Bolo de Rolo” Da Silva
4TH: Ismir “Semla” Pekmic
VAR: Daniel “Mince Pie” Radford
AVAR: Jonathan “Jellyroll” Johnson

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 0W – 1D – 4L, 1pt, 11th in MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-L-D-L
  • Chicago Fire: 1W – 2D – 2L, 5pts, 8th in MLS East
  • Water pumpers form: L-D-L-W-D

Away Viewing

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MLS Round 5: Los Angeles Galaxy

Home Game Day Info

Friday, April 5th, Kickoff 7:00pm

Last Saturday, the Whitecaps got their first point of 2019 and managed to hold off one of the league’s best scoring teams while doing so! Seattle went home frustrated after expecting a win. Some people want to be salty about that result, but maybe take a look at Doniel Henry denying a goal and get pumped for Friday:

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Here’s a Fun Fact* about Saturday’s nil-nil result: That was the first clean sheet the Whitecaps have kept since they faced RSL on April 27th of LAST YEAR. Want another Fun Fact*? The Whitecaps still managed to get screwed by VAR for the third week running. What a world we live in.

And now we face the LA Zlatans. LAZ behind a clump at the top of the Zlatandings, but still off to a strong start this Zlatan. If we can Zlatan their Zlatan, we’ll Zlatan Zlatan to Zlatan Zlatan ZlataAAAUGH.

Sorry. There’s been a lot of fawning over one of the Galaxy’s players in the lead up to this Friday’s match. I forget his name, but the dog and pony show is getting on my nerves. We’ll need another strong defensive performance to start the weekend off right. Hopefully InBeom will be fully recovered from his international duty and bring some energy moving forward.

Referee Assignments

REF: Baldomero “Not The Worst” Toledo
AR1: Chris “What Ham?” Wattam
AR2: Apolinar “Evil Twin” Mariscal
4TH: Alex “Dude Chilling” Chilowicz
VAR: Silviu “Oh piss off” Petrescu
AVAR: Joshua “Potluck” Patlak

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 0W – 1D – 3L, 1 pt, 10th in MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-L-D
  • LA Galaxy: 3W – 0D – 1L, 9 pts, 5th in MLS West
  • Los Zlatangeles Zlatalaxy form: W-L-W-W

Pre-Match at

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

Note: No march Friday! It’s always a scramble for us working stiffs to manage a pre-game meal or beverage on weekdays.

  • 5:15pm – Membership table opens at Library Square
  • 6:15pm – Membership table closes
  • 7:00pm – Let’s kick the game off.
  • 9:00pm – Let’s kick the weekend on.

No March on Weekdays

*The ‘Fun’ of Fun Facts™ is for ironic rather than for amusement purposes. Not to be taken internally. Avoid contact with eyes.

MLS Round 4: Seattle Sounders

Home Game Day Info

Saturday, March 30th, Kickoff 7:00pm

Our two road games had two things in common: 1) they were losses; and 2) PRO wrote blog posts afterwards explaining why our opponent’s game-winning penalties should not have been awarded. So chalk us up for two points in the “moral victories” standings (or should that be moral draws?). At the end of the season, the team with the most points in that particular table win a 200 pound pile of deicing salt.

On to this weekend. We have the first of this year’s Cascadia Cup matches against the stinkin’ Sounders. It won’t be easy for the Whitecaps to carve out their first points of the season. The Sounders (ugh) have scored a league-leading 10 goals in their 3 wins*. The Whitecaps defending has been suspect though today we all got word that loanee left back Ali Adnan has finally joined the team. Will he be in the lineup given how short a time he’ll have had to adjust to his new teammates?

Whatever the lineup, we need the Whitecaps to come out firing and keep the Sounders on the back foot. Let’s do our part in the stands. Follow your capos and support our Whitecaps for the full 90 minutes.

REF: Robert “Don’t screw it up, asshole” Sibiga
AR1: Kyle “Tell that asshole Sibiga not to screw it up” Atkins
AR2: Micheal “Yeah, you tell ’em, Atkins!” Barwegen
4TH: Ramy “That asshole’s screwing it up” Touchan
VAR: Edvin “Eyes on Tinder” Jurisevic
AVAR: Rene “Swipe Left” Parra

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 0W – 0D – 3L, 0 pts, 11th in MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-L
  • Seattle Sounders FC: 3W – 0D – 0L, 9 pts, 2nd in MLS West
  • Hashtag Gross form: W-W-W

Pre-Match at:

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 3:00pm – Membership table opens at Library Square
  • 5:30pm – Settle your bills & get ready for the march
  • 5:45pm – Membership table closes
  • 6:00pm – March gathers and heads out from plaza near Georgia st and Homer st
  • 7:00pm – We get after the Cascadia Cup
  • 9:00pm – Go home, you bums

March route

March to the match route: Homer st to Robson st to Terry Fox Plaza

*gross, amirite?!?

Introducing the South Sisters

The Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society is pleased to announce the formation of the South Sisters as an official committee of the society. By formal resolution passed at the meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 11th, 2019, the South Sisters committee was established with the mission to address the specific needs and concerns of female supporters.

The chair of the South Sisters committee will report to the Board of Directors as a whole rather than one particular position, as the work of the committee will span many areas such as tifo production, liaising with venue security both in BC Place and on the road, events and others.

Darcie Kerr has been named the initial chair of the South Sisters committee. The Board of Directors would like to thank Darcie for spearheading this important work.

Please read the attached release “Vancouver South Sisters – History and FAQ” for more information on the history and purpose of the South Sisters:

Those wishing to know more or wishing to join the South Sisters can reach out to or