MLS Round 2: Real Salt Lake

Away Game Day Info

Saturday, March 9th, Kickoff 3:00pm

First kick happened. What did we learn? We learned that Jon Erice and Inbeom Hwang have the skills to pay the bills, but they need more time for the team to get comfortable with each other. The system is new to everyone and it showed. There were times when we saw glimpses of what could be, but obviously the whole is not yet greater than the sum of its parts.

We also learned that the team has rallied around Dos Santos’ call to be accountable to each other. The team went down 3-1 and last year that would have been the signal for some players (who are no longer with the Caps) to coast through the rest of the match and try again another day. This group didn’t do that. They rallied and put up a fight. Considering some of the performances we’ve seen in the past, that itself is a significant positive change.

So what does that mean for this week on the road against the imitation Iberians from Utah? I think it’s best summed up thusly:


REF: Drew “Bad Idea” Fischer
AR1: Claudiu “Good Idea” Badea
AR2: Matthew “Hah hah!” Nelson
4TH: Victor “I’m not allowed on the field yet” Rivas
VAR: Younes “Kefta at halftime” Marrakchi
AVAR: Peter “Free cookies?!?” Balciunas

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 0W – 0D -1L, 0 pts, 10th in MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L
  • Real Salt Lake: 0W – 1D – 0L, 1 pt, 9th in MLS West
  • Eyeroll Madrid or Whoever form: D

Away Viewing:

As the Rugby Sevens event is taking over BC Place for the weekend, Library Square expects to be very busy. The Donnelly Group is accommodating our away viewing at The Butcher and Bullock to make sure there is plenty of space for those who want to watch the Whitecaps match!

Facebook event to RSVP for Butcher and Bullock viewing:


MLS 2019 Round 1: MNUFC

Home Game Day Info

Saturday, March 2nd, Kickoff 3:00pm

It’s finally here! The first competitive match of the Marc Dos Santos era will be played against the Loons aka Minnesota United. The long off-season, with its litany of roster and technical staff changes, will finally be behind us. And what lies ahead?

MDS has stated that despite the team barely having had a full week training as an entire unit that they will be going full throttle on the pitch. Marc wants a team that fights for every point and runs our opponents ragged, particularly at home. Fill your lungs and lift up our players when they need it most, because Saturday is sure to be a barn burner. Together we can make BC Place a stadium where no opposing team wants to play.

Referee Assignments

REF: Rubiel “Blood Diamond” Vazquez
AR1: Mike “Small Stench” Rottersman
AR2: Andrew “Huge ‘n Short” Bigelow
4TH: Alejandro “One of Many” Mariscal
VAR: Edvin “Zoom and Enhance” Jurisevic
AVAR: Rene “Zzz” Parra

Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2018 season: Why bother looking? The team has had approximately 99% turnover
  • Minnesota United FC 2018 season: Worse than the Whitecaps, and I have no idea how many players they exchanged

Pre-Match at:

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 9:30am – Membership table opens at Library Square. Note that in the event that the venue is at capacity, look towards the patio area for easier to access membership sign-up and scarf distribution!
  • 1:30pm – Settle your bills & get ready for the march
  • 1:45pm – Membership table closes
  • 2:00pm – March gathers and heads out from plaza near Georgia st and Homer st
  • 3:00pm – The 2019 MLS season kicks off!
  • 5:00pm – 3 points and MLS Cup here we come, guaranteed*

March Ettiquette

Bring we’re here for a party, not a riot. We march to show our pride in our city. Don’t cover your face with a scarf or bandanna. Wave a flag, join in the chants and get ready to rock our home stadium!

March route

March to the match route: Homer st to Robson st to Terry Fox Plaza

*guarantee not valid anywhere, anytime… but keep hope alive

2019 Partner Pub: Library Square Public House

We are pleased to announce that Library Square Public House (300 W Georgia St) has been selected as our partner pub. There were several compelling submissions by potential venues that were evaluated by the executive board, but the offer put forward by the Donnelly Group rose above the rest!

As we are moving to a new venue, we would like to thank the ownership, management and staff of The Blarney Stone for their hospitality in 2018.

Library Square Public House stands steadfast at the foot of Vancouver‚Äôs iconic public library along Georgia street. Within earshot of the place where we belong, BC Place, this relaxed and sometimes raucous public house will play host to our home game pre-match warm-ups and away game viewing parties.

With their locally inspired pub menu & 24 craft beer taps as well as their proven record dealing with a packed house of supporters, we’re eager to warm up our new digs! Here is what our partner is offering our members:

  • 20% off food, 7 days a week
  • Outdoor patio space + BBQs for home game days (weather permitting)
  • VIP entry to Library Square
  • All ages access until 7pm
  • Priority viewing on 13′ HD screen for away matches
  • Customized Southsiders match day menu
  • Southsiders Happy Hour for 2 hours prior to kickoff on home game days
  • Match day prize giveaways
  • Premium members-only events throughout the season

As the ‘Home of the Southsiders’ is located much closer to the stadium, we will be changing our march route. The route will be short but sweet, with plenty of space to gather before we set on our way and warm up our voices as we head to BC Place. The march will start in the plaza near Georgia and Homer, proceed down Homer to Robson, then turn towards Terry Fox Plaza & BC Place.

We welcome all supporters and fans of the Whitecaps to join us each home game! Take a peek at the new route below:

March to the match route: Homer st to Robson st to Terry Fox Plaza

Comments or feedback welcome at or

#SouthsidersFuture Online Survey & Focus Group

Our efforts to build a stronger supporters group with a clearer sense of purpose will continue this month with the launch of Phase Two and Phase Three of our #SouthsidersFuture 2018 Member Consultations.

Phase Two:  Online Survey

We strongly encourage all members past and present to complete our comprehensive membership survey. We cover a lot of ground in this one, and we thank you in advance for your time to see it through to the end.

Some of the topics covered in the survey include:

  • Our Mandate & Our Values
  • What Should “Membership” Mean?
  • Membership Diversity
  • Elections & Governance
  • The March To The Match
  • Stadium Atmosphere
  • Away Travel (Canada)
  • Away Travel (USA)
  • Partner Venues
  • Charitable Fundraising
  • Social Media Presence
  • Southsiders Merchandise
Please click here to begin the survey. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Phase Three: November 28 Focus Group

We will be hosting a focus group discussion on November 28 to examine issues relating to our identity as a supporters group, our values, and our priorities for the future.

If you are interested in joining us for this important exchange of ideas, click here to apply to be a participant.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept all applicants due to the size of the venue. Space is limited to 50 participants.

We will send all applicants an e-mail on or before the evening of November 25 to advise whether they have been confirmed as a participant, or whether they have been placed on a standby list to replace any sudden cancellations.

Please register here as soon as you possibly can.


  • Wednesday November 28 / ¬†6:15 pm to 8:45 pm¬†
  • Library Square Conference Centre / Downtown Vancouver
  • By confirmed invitation¬†only
  • Coffee and donuts will be provided

Signed Alphonso Davies Jersey Up for Grabs!

Well, well, well… what do we have here? It’s an autographed Alphonso Davies jersey up for auction on eBay!

This is a 2017 “Rain” jersey with Pride match rainbow numbering on the back. The jersey also comes with an official¬† certificate of authenticity from Vancouver Whitecaps FC!

Even better: All proceeds will be donated to our charitable partners in the community, including the Vancouver Street Soccer League and the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC.

Don’t miss out!¬†Click here to see where the bids are at now!

What Does The #SouthsidersFuture Look Like To You?

To All Southsiders Members Past & Present:

We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. The truth is, the Vancouver Southsiders are not living up to their full potential as a supporters group.

Multiple factors have contributed to our present circumstances. Some are internal and entirely within our power to change them. Others are external, and our influence on these things may vary.

Either way, there is no time like the present to re-focus our priorities for the things we do to support VWFC, and to decide *how* we can do them to the best of our ability. As such, we are beginning a multi-stage consultation process about our #SouthsidersFuture.

Phase One of the consultation begins with five important questions that will help us understand your vision for our identity and priorities:

Question #1:  In your ideal vision for the Southsiders, name three specific things that ALL of our members should invest their time and energy into to ensure they are done WELL.

Question #2:  Could membership and voting rights be something you earn, rather than something you purchase? And if so, how would that work?

Question #3:  Name two aspects of our current activities, operations or membership that are obstacles or distractions holding us back from becoming your ideal vision of what the Southsiders should be.

Question #4:¬†¬†In 10 words or less, what has been the most personally meaningful aspect of your membership in or involvement with the Southsiders? What’s really in it for you?

Question #5:  In 30 words or less, what should be the mission statement of the #SouthsidersFuture ?

Please forward your responses by e-mail to rather than through social media Рwe want to ensure that all relevant information is captured in one place. We also ask that you put some real thought into your answers, and to try to focus on the future rather than the past.

We shall have more details about the next stages of the consultation process in the days ahead.

General comments on any subject relating to our future are also welcome at the same e-mail address.

Many sincere thanks in advance,

John Knox, Vice President and Director Responsible For Membership
Vancouver Southsiders Board of Directors

Open Letter Addressing The August 2nd Statement from the Southsiders Board of Directors

As the newly elected Board of Directors the Vancouver Southsiders we believe that dialogue, honesty and transparency are fundamental in building relationships. We take this seriously and will work hard to regain the trust of everyone involved in this situation.

In the past weeks our members expressed a wide range of views and opinions following the release of the August 2nd statement. Many of you expected a public follow-up from the Board of Directors. We regret that it has taken until the appointment of new Directors for a public message to be released. While some of the comments directed at the previous Board of Directors crossed a line into unacceptable behaviour, many of our members found their concerns or comments unacknowledged or even rebuked without dialogue.

To Kendall Waston:
We apologize to Kendall Waston for the manner in which member concerns were raised in the public arena without any attempts at personal dialogue beforehand. We believe face-to-face conversation will allow us to find a way we can move forward positively. We have reached out to the Whitecaps organization in hopes of relaying our apology in person.

To our members:
The Vancouver Southsiders leadership takes the group’s long-standing commitment to equality seriously. We have participated for years in numerous anti-racism and anti-homophobia campaigns, and strive to keep bigotry out of the stands at Whitecaps matches. In this case we feel the group’s effort to be an ally organisation to the LGBTQ2+ community did not work out as intended. We will work to enable a dialogue between concerned members, the Southsiders Board of Direcors, and the Whitecaps organization on this topic.

Going forward we will strive to address member concerns directly & in a timely manner. If you have a concern about this issue or any other topic, please contact us. If you wish your feedback to remain anonymous to the Directors, please reach out to the Ombudsman, Greg Petrie at

We can be reached at:
Dylan Callow –
Peter Czimmermann –
John Knox –
Dim McNami –
Paul Sabourin-Hertzog –

The Vancouver Southsiders Board of Directors

Announcing Our New Board of Directors & Ombudsman for the Remainder of 2018


As a result of the General Meeting of the Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society held on Sunday, September 9th, there have been several changes to our directorships and the office of Ombudsman. For the remainder of the yearly term the sitting members of the Board of Directors of the society, and their areas of responsibility, are as follows:

  • Dylan Callow, Treasurer
  • Peter Czimmermann, President & Secretary: Home & Away Ticketing
  • John Knox, Vice President & Member at Large: External Communications and Membership
  • Dim McNami, Member at Large: Events, Partnerships and Merchandise
  • Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, Member at Large: Internal Communications and Stadium Ops

Greg Petrie has assumed the responsibilities of the Ombudsman to provide the membership with independent oversight of the executive board’s activities.

The new executive board would like to thank our predecessors for their diligence and countless hours of volunteerism:

  • Cat Alderson
  • Brendan Beynon
  • Darcie Kerr
  • Aidan Rantoul
  • Aaryn Vivian

This season has seen many notable accomplishments that were only possible because of our talented colleagues and their dedication to the membership. These include:

  • Hosting a successful summit of the Independent Supporters Council, which promotes shared values and best practices among supporters groups throughout North America.
  • Arranging a town hall with Whitecaps executives, including a representative of the ownership group, allowing members to engage directly with the top levels of leadership at our club.
  • Continuing support of the Vancouver Street Soccer League, including hosting a summer tournament day, and assisting with the success of their annual June Sports trip to Alert Bay.
  • Providing numerous opportunities at every home game to showcase our members‚Äô passion through organized tifo displays, drumming and leading active support in the supporters end.
  • Partnering with Kwi Awt Stelemexw to produce the ‚ÄúCh√©ŇĄchenst√ļmi & Sinulhkay‚ÄĚ fundraising scarf, in support of their Squamish language immersion program at SFU.


We thank our colleagues and all of our tremendous volunteers for their service.

The Vancouver Southsiders Executive Board of Directors



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN¬†that a General Meeting of the Members of The Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society (the ‚ÄúSociety‚ÄĚ) will be held at Blarney Stone (216 Carrall Street, Vancouver BC) on September 9, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. for the following purposes:

1. To receive and consider the report of the Directors;

2. To elect new Directors to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting; and

3. To conduct such other business as may properly come before the meeting.