Whitecaps Owner Jeff Mallett added to Town Hall Panel

The Vancouver Southsiders, Rain City Brigade and Curva Collective would like to announce that Whitecaps’ owner Jeff Mallett has just been added to the discussion panel for the upcoming Supporters’ Town Hall.
Tickets are still available for this event and all proceeds from the Town Hall will be donated to the Vancouver Street Soccer League.
This may just be the best $5 you’ll spend all season!

Supporters’ Town Hall Announcement!

The Supporters have questions and the Whitecaps front office is ready to provide answers!

Join the Vancouver Southsiders, Rain City Brigade and Curva Collective on Tuesday June 26th at Blarney Stone for an exclusive, members only Town Hall. The Supporters will be joined by members of the Caps’ front office, including:

– Bob Lenarduzzi, President

– Rachel Lewis, Chief Operating Officer

– Carl Robinson, Head Coach

– Greg Anderson, Vice President – Soccer Operations

The event will kick-off at 7:00pm; seating will begin at 6:00pm. Tickets are $5 ($5.50 after card processing fees) and can be purchased here.  The format will include a Q & A period with two moderators so bring any and all questions you may have for the Whitecaps organization!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This event is for members only. If the organizers are unable to confirm your membership within one of the three supporters groups (Southsiders, RCB or Curva) you will not be permitted to enter this event. There are no refunds on ticket purchases.

All proceeds for this event will be designated to the charitable funds of your Supporters’ Group!

Please see the list of FAQ’s below.  If you do not see your question answered, please email Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q:  Will this be broadcast online for members who are unable to attend?
    • A:  No.  The Whitecaps have stated they are willing to answer all of the Supporters’ questions, including questions relating to business matters that are not necessarily ‘public’ knowledge. At this point, we feel putting them in front of cameras will change the organic nature of the conversation and potentially compromise the answers the Supporters will be given so we have opted to make this an intimate conversation versus a press conference.
  • Q:  I am not a member, but I am a Whitecaps season ticket holder so I bought a ticket. Can I still come?
    • A: You must be a recognized member of one of the three major Whitecaps supporters groups in order to gain entry to the event on June 26th. If you are unable to provide proof of membership to the SG you RSVP’d via, your ticket will be re-sold.   Tickets are non-refundable.  If you would like to purchase or renew your Southsiders membership, you can do so here.
  • Q: Are minors permitted to attend this event?
    • A: Minors are only permitted at Blarney Stone until 7pm, so unfortunately no minors will be permitted to attend.
  • Q: Can I ask the panel anything I want?
    • A: We encourage you to ask the panel any questions you may have that relate to the Whitecaps organization!  If you would like to ask a question, you will be required to write it down and pass it to the moderator at the microphone in the crowd. If your question is deemed to be disrespectful, rude, or off-topic by the moderator, it will not be passed along to the panel. That being said, we do expect the Supporters to ask the hard questions of the Whitecaps front office and get the answers they’ve been seeking all season.
  • Q: Tickets appear to be sold out online. Am I out of luck?
    • A: Not necessarily.  We will have a queue outside for anyone who was unable to purchase tickets online prior to the event.  At 6:55pm on June 26th, we will be checking attendance and if we are under capacity, we will be opening the doors to members who do not have tickets.
  • Q:  I’ve already purchased a ticket.  Do I have to be on time?
    • A: We strongly encourage you to be on time for this event as we are expecting Blarney Stone to be at full capacity.  If you are not in attendance by 6:55pm, there is a chance you may lose your spot at the venue.

Vancouver Southsiders invade Club Orange!

Join the Vancouver Southsiders for their second annual invasion of Club Orange at BC Place as the Lions are set to take on a returning Adam Bighill & his new team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

Festivities kick off at Blarney Stone on July 14th at 3pm with the Southsiders’ away viewing party as the Whitecaps head to DC to hang with David Ousted for the first match at Audi Field!

Post-Caps, the Southsiders will head to BC Place for a few more hours of (a different kind of) football; Lions kick off at 7pm.

Tickets for this event can be purchased through Aaryn directly in cash ($50) or through the Southsiders website via credit card ($52.) Ticket quantities are limited and will only be on sale until one week prior to the event so get yours before we sell out!

All tickets purchased will include a free gift from the BC Lions!

If you have any questions about this event, please email Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca.

We Demand Better!!

To our fellow Supporters,

Last Friday, our club reached a critical impasse in its football endeavours. We understand how frustrated you are and we stand with you. The Whitecaps ownership, management, and coaching staff need to recognize and acknowledge that the “meh, good enough” model of football they are putting on the pitch week after week, year after year, is quite frankly, NOT good enough. FINE. LINES. They are doing the players and the supporters a disservice in their continued complacency and the time has come for the supporters to stand as one and say, “We demand better.”

The Vancouver Southsiders hold firm in our belief that when it comes to football, our city and our nation are out of step with the rest of the world. We refuse to conform to Vancouver’s inherently quiet and reserved nature. We are not fair-weather Vancouver “fans.” We are fierce in our support for our players on the pitch and will fearlessly lead fellow supporters by example. Rule #1 of the Southside is to ‘Always support the Caps’ and we intend to continue to support our boys in Blue, White & whatever colour you want to call the Unity kit, and encourage all supporters to do the same. The players are in just as tough of a position as we are and they need our voices now more than ever.

This week, our match day experience will have a slightly different look, sound, and feel. Our March to the Match will leave Victory Square at 7pm giving us just enough time to make it into the stadium for kickoff. There will be an amended song sheet (now with more four letter words!) available in the GA section (252) so please stop by and pick one up. There will be no drums or on-pitch Capos. We will chant & cheer our way through the full 90 minutes, as we always have, to let our players know we still stand WITH them and FOR them. That we intend to hold ownership, management and coaching staff to a higher standard. If you are efficient, you get “results.”

We’re Blue, We’re White, We’re f*cking dynamite & We demand better!

Brendan Beynon, Vancouver Southsiders – Member at Large
Peter Czimmermann, Vancouver Southsiders – Vice President & Secretary
Aidan Rantoul, Vancouver Southsiders – Ombudsman
Aaryn Vivian, Vancouver Southsiders – President & Member at Large
Chris Deal, Vancouver Southsiders – Former President
John Knox, Vancouver Southsiders – Former President, Vice President, Member & Large
Joann Bessler, Vancouver Southsiders – Former Director of Membership
Ryan Burns, Vancouver Southsiders – Former Ombudsman
Dan Emerson, Vancouver Southsiders Volunteer
Greg Petrie, Vancouver Southsiders Volunteer
Jeff Tinker, Supporter


New Southsiders Pub The Blarney Stone

The Caps are back in action on lucky Friday the 13th as Jordan Harvey returns to BC Place with his new side, LAFC. Join the Vancouver Southsiders at The Blarney Stone for their official pre-match festivities beginning at 4:30 pm!

All-ages will be welcome at The Blarney Stone until 7 pm and Burn Your Bill (up to $80) will be in effect! Make sure you get to the pub early, order off the specials menu and get as many ballots as possible!

Membership and Merchandise TBD.  Please email Brendan at membership@vancouversouthsiders.ca if you have any specific requests or questions.

REMINDER: We are expecting big crowds for home matches this season at Blarney Stone. If you need seating for meals or families, please ensure you are arriving early so you’re not missing out on the full Southsiders’ match day experience!

March to the Match

Please note that due to the match kickoff being moved to 7:01pm there will be NO March to the Match .

There will be a special presentation for Jordan Harvey at BC Place starting at 6:39 pm and we did not want anyone to miss out! Questions? Email Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca.

Food and Drink Specials

To Be Announced!!

March to the Match Etiquette

We are aware that some Whitecaps supporters have been taking part in the Southsiders March to the Match while wearing scarves or bandanas which cover their face. We need to be mindful that our new March route brings us much closer to some of our most vulnerable citizens than it did before. We do not want any Whitecaps fans to be responsible for making any of our neighbours feel frightened or intimidated.

We do not want to be mistaken for hooligans or ultras. Southsiders have lots to be proud of. We have invested significant charitable donations and volunteer hours to support some of the important work that is being done to help people in this city, so this is the last place any of us should be covering our faces.

Show yourself. Be proud and be seen.

Home Match – L.A. Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

New Southsiders Pub The Blarney Stone

After being Elfath-ed in Atlanta on St. Patrick’s Day, the Whitecaps are back in action at BC Place on Saturday March 24th to face a depleted LA Galaxy side.

Membership and Merchandise tables will be open at Blarney Stone from 3:30pm to 5:15pm. If you have any questions regarding either, please contact Brendan at membership@vancouversouthsiders.ca or

We are expecting a busy crowd at the pub this Saturday. Please ensure you arrive early if you want to secure a table! As we approach Blarney Stone’s capacity, we will have two lines at the front door: members & non-members. The door person will be asking for proof of 2018 membership for priority entry so make sure you have your digital membership cards saved to your phone / device for expedited entry. We are currently working on an overflow venue so keep an eye on this page closer to match days for updates if you are planning to be a late arrival to the pub.

March to the Match

On Saturday March 24th, the Southsiders will be marching from Victory Square. The March to the Match will depart at 5:45pm from the corner of Hamilton & West Pender, heading southbound on Hamilton to Robson Street / Whitecaps Way and into BC Place via Terry Fox Plaza.

As we will not be marching from Blarney Stone directly, members are encouraged to settle their tabs at the pub by 5:30pm on Saturday so they can make their way over to Victory Square to meet up with their fellow supporters and get ready to cheer the boys in Blue and White to victory.

Food and Drink Specials



Blarney Stone Parking Situation

The parking partnership with Advance Parking is still valid at Metropolitan Towers on Nelson and Seymour for $6 from 10am to midnight on match days. There are Southsider rates for non-match days as well. Please check our Membership benefits page when logged into the site for full details. If you need a code, please contact Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca

If you’re looking for parking close to our new partner pub in Gastown, the Easy Park lot at 107 East Cordova offers a $6.50 rate for 6am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays ($8 flat rate from 6pm to 6am.) The Easy Park lot is gated from midnight on Saturday nights to 8am Sunday mornings and from 10pm Sunday night to 8am on Monday so please be aware that if you park there on March 24th, you WILL have to pick up your vehicle before midnight.

We will keep you updated on whether Advance Parking is able to open up any additional spots closer to Blarney Stone as information becomes available to us.

Cascadia Cup Competition Rules 2018


Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, B.C. ‐ The representatives of the Cascadia Cup Council in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver have jointly agreed that the results of the following regular season matches will count toward awarding of the Cascadia Cup in 2018:

  • Saturday, June 30th, Sounders v Timbers
  • Saturday, July 21st, Sounders v Whitecaps
  • Saturday, August 11th, Timbers v Whitecaps
  • Sunday, August 26th, Timbers v Sounders
  • Saturday, September 15th, Whitecaps v Sounders
  • Sunday, October 28th, Whitecaps v Timbers

As in past years, the Cascadia Cup rules and tiebreakers for these six matches are as follows:
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw

The team with the most points after all six Cascadia Cup matches is the winner

Tiebreakers are, in order:

  1. Greater number of points earned in matches between the teams concerned
  2. Greater goal difference in matches between the teams concerned
  3. Greater number of goals scored in matches between the teams concerned
  4. Re-apply first three criteria if two or more teams are still tied
  5. Greater goal difference in all cup matches
  6. Greater number of goals scored in all cup matches
  7. Smaller number of disciplinary points in all cup matches (yellow = 1 point, red = 2 points)

The result of the Sunday, May 13th match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders will not be considered toward awarding the Cascadia Cup.

The Cascadia Cup Council regrets that Major League Soccer made this decision necessary by scheduling an unbalanced number of matches among the three teams. Supporters of all three Cascadia Cup teams prefer a balanced schedule going forward, meaning that making such determinations would not be required.

Whitecaps Away Viewing – Whitecaps at Houston

After we broke the Blarney Stone with St. Patrick’s Day-esque numbers for first kick, the Southsiders are back in action this Saturday as the Whitecaps head to BBVA Compass Stadium to take on the Dynamo!

Festivities kick off at Blarney Stone at 2pm, with the match starting at 3pm.  ALL AGES WELCOME!

There will be prize giveaways from Guinness & Magners and Burn Your Bill will be in effect! Membership and Merchandise tables will be available during the away viewing.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out our new venue this past weekend, it’s absolutely worth joining the Southsiders this Saturday to see what Blarney Stone has to offer us in 2018!

If you have any feedback about your experience at first kick, please do not hesitate to email Aaryn at events@vancouversouthsiders.ca.

Details at a Glance

WHAT: Whitecaps Away Viewing | Houston vs. Vancouver
WHERE: The Blarney Stone Pub | 216 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC
WHEN: March 10th, 2:00 – 5:00p

Food Specials

  • Ruben Sandwich: Warm corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Dijon mustard on crispy rye (Add a Kaylin & Hobbs pickle for $2 each. Ask your server for available flavours) | $14
  • Pesto Chicken Flatbread: Pulled chicken with tomatoes, feta & mozzarella cheese on a basil pesto crispy flatbread | $13
  • Crispy Prawn Salad: Mixed greens, avocado, tomato, tossed with a champagne vinaigrette | $14
  • The Finnigan: Free run over-easy egg, avocado, grilled tomato, American cheddar, on a buttered English muffin (Add smoked bacon, Guinness sausage, or hash browns for $2 each) | $6
  • Blarney Garden Wrap: Roasted marketplace vegetables, arugula, with roasted pepper sauce | $12

Drink Specials

  • Sunday Gulf Island SouthCIDER | $6.75
  • Steamworks Flagship IPA | $6.50
  • Guinness | $7.25
  • Red Truck Lager | $6.25
  • Budweiser | $5.75
  • Alexander Keiths IPA | $5.75
  • Jameson shots | $5.75
  • Irish Caesars: Traditional Caesar kicked up a notch with a splash of Guinness | $5.75



Photos: Whitecaps FC vs. Montreal Impact

Our group photographer Duncan Nicol is back for another season of taking photos for the Vancouver Southsiders.

We’ve got photos from our new Partner Pub The Blarney Stone, The March to the Match from Victory Square and all the action from the Southsiders section. Enjoy!!

The Photo album is available on our Southsiders Facebook page or Flickr Page.

As a bonus, here’s the 2018 Vancouver Whitecaps FC Intro Video