2021 Southsiders Executive

Many thanks to all who participated in the 2021 Annual General Meeting on April 11th – the first to be done online.

The following are your 2021 Executive:

Peter Czimmermann – President & Secretary 
Shayne Grimmer- Vice President & Director of Gameday Operations (TIFO/Stadium)
Steve Maddess – Treasurer
Craig McCulloch – Director of Communications  
Tony Santos – Director of Membership & Recruitment 
Dim McNami – Creative Director (Merchandise)
Cameron Prior – Director of Events & Away Travel (Partnerships)
Greg Petrie – Ombudsman 


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Annual General Meeting of the Members of The Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society (the “Society”) will be a virtual meeting held online on April 11, 2021, at 4:00pm for the following purposes:

1. To receive and consider the report of the Directors, and the financial statements of the Society for the financial year ended December 31, 2020 (copy available for inspection upon request);

2. To waive the appointment of an Auditor for the ensuing year;

3. OR To appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year;

4. To elect Directors for the year; and

5. To conduct such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

DATED effective as of the 28th day of March, 2021

Let them play

Major League Soccer, the message from the supporters is simple:

Let them play.

Supporters’ statement

Cascadia Cup update

Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC, June 22, 2020 — Shortly after the formal announcement of the “MLS is Back Tournament,” representatives of the Cascadia Cup Council unanimously agreed that matches played behind closed doors, including any future matches played in MLS stadiums where supporters are not present, will not count towards Cascadia Cup Standings in 2020. In order to continue the supporter-owned, supporter-driven Cascadia Cup’s tradition of competitive balance, each club must complete both home and away matches against each of the other clubs, and the 2020 season will be measured in the same manner as any prior season where all three teams were in the same league. As always, the Cascadia Cup Council and the supporter groups it represents stand with the MLSPA.

Happy New 2020 Season

Hello Southsiders and fellow supporters,

The 2020 Season is here. It’s really here. It’s been a long off-season. Things have changed.

I’m personally super excited about how things are shaping up for the season, both with the club and with our group.

I usually send out a list of promises and a vision for the next season but, this year, I will just tell you what we got for you.

Despite the ups and downs we have had  in the past, we always organize ourselves around the things that brought us together in the first place. We try to do more, to be part of our community, to have initiatives beyond our core responsibilities, but we are always true to our roots – check our membership manifesto.https://vancouversouthsiders.ca/page/manifesto

Representing and guiding our membership this year is our elected executive board with a couple of newcomers: Sonia taking over the Club Treasurer position and Dani covering our communications. Coming back are Cameron dealing with our partnerships, events and away ticketing, Dylan in a new role as membership director, Dim handling our creative needs, Tom organizing stadium operations,  with myself covering the secretary duties and home ticketing. Last but not least, Greg, your ombudsperson is keeping an eye on us. 

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything: https://vancouversouthsiders.ca/page/contactus

We’ve been working hard bringing everybody up to speed in their roles and making sure all anyone has to worry about is showing up and being a part of who we are and what we do as supporters.

This season marks a new era for Whitecaps supporters: the introduction of a new General Admission section. We have fought for this for quite a while and we are looking forward to reaping the benefits. This will provide a space to replicate the strong united support during Cascadia derby matches in Seattle and Portland. This new critical mass will help spread the same songs across all the supporter’s sections on both sides of the tunnel. It is crucial: You do not have to be in GA to be a member or to participate! The plan is to set up the capo and drum a few rows up around the railing, to allow room supporters keen on supporting from the front rows. Similar to last year, but a section closer to the tunnel. I can’t wait!
Check out our guide to GA https://vancouversouthsiders.ca/page/general-admission

I already have my eyes on the next milestones: grow GA to more sections and start the conversations on safe standing.

Regarding some non-stadium activities:

We are back on the Granville Strip – our new home pub is Dublin Calling with overflow possibilities above and below. It will be a great place to meet up both pre-match supporters warm-up and post-match celebratory drinks and discussions. The new spot provides us a great possibility to bring some life into our march. We plan to leave the corner of Smithe and Granville 15 minutes prior to the opening of the gates at BC Place.

In summary, I am going with a cliché: Being a supporter is the only permanent job in soccer. Guess what? We are “hiring!” Become a Southsider, join us, chant with us, wave flags, make a difference. Home and away, rain or shine.

See you on game days. In the pub, on the march, in the stands, together.

Loyal to the Caps, we’ll be.


PS. First Kick March at 5:45pm! First kick info https://vancouversouthsiders.ca/2020/02/first-kick-is-less-than-a-week-away/


And just like that, the pre-season is over!  We may have lost a couple, but we won MORE!  Now we can get down to business! ⚽

First kick is happening THIS Saturday, February 29th.  Our pre-game warm-up will be at your Vancouver Southsider Home Pub – Dublin Calling, on the corner of Granville and Smithe.  Join our fellow Southsiders here and raise a pint with your fellow supporters to kick-off this season with a bang! 🧨💥

📣Warm up your voice with the march, now back on Granville and Robson, leaving our home pub at 5:45pm

Burn Your Bill will be in effect! 🔥

In case you missed the pre-season party this past Saturday, we will have a discounted merch table of fantastic swag from years past.  Select sizes only on certain items.  These items will be on display from 1:30 to 5:00.

Still need to renew your 2020 Southsider membership?  The table will be set up from 2:00 to 5:15.

Please arrive early!! We expect a larger than usual crowd.  Dublin Calling will be open at noon, and Prost Haus (upstairs) will be open for overflow at 3pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

Vancouver Southsiders Pre-Season Warm-Up!

Who’s ready to get this season started??

To kick off the 2020 season, The Vancouver Southsiders are hosting a Pre-Season Warm-Up at Colony Granville! 
Please see details below:

Where: The Colony Granville @ 965 Granville St, Vancouver
When: Saturday February 8th, 2020 – 2:00pm-4:00pm

Special Guests – Axel Schuster (Whitecaps Sporting Director) and Mark Pannes (Whitecaps CEO)

This is our first members event of the year, and we are SO excited to see you all there!

Meet your new Vancouver Southsiders Board Members! 

Information will be available in regards to the new General Admission section! (No more wristbands and searching for chair dots!!) We are looking forward to this being a greatly successful initiative, so ask about getting your GA tickets early!

In other news…

Join us for the first tifo planning party of 2020! 
Date announced this Wednesday!
Be ready with your two-stick ideas and super-awesome painting skills
(or at least the ability to hold a paintbrush)
E-mail Tom at ops@vancouversouthsiders.ca with any questions.

Notice of Annual General Meeting Sunday, November 17th at 4pm

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Vancouver Southsiders Soccer Supporters Society (the “Society”) will be held at the Vancouver Public Library Central Library (350 West Georgia St, Vancouver, BC) on November 17th at 4:00pm.

The meeting will be held in the Alma VanDusen Room on the lower level of Library Square. All members in good standing are invited to attend.

Registration will commence at 3:30pm.

Annual General Meeting Agenda


Election Rules for 2019 AGM


Nomination thread on the forum – Link

Southsiders Bylaws and Constitution

MLS Round 34: Real Salt Lake

Home Game Day Info

Sunday, October 6th, Kickoff 1:00pm

First, a moment of joy. Watch the Whitecaps third goal against the Los Angeles Galaxy last Sunday. The Caps distribute the ball with purpose, react quickly to the space given them by the defenders and score. This type of organization in the attacking third came too late to make a difference this year, but might it be a hint of things to come in 2020?

We’ve finally reached the end of the season. The Whitecaps last opponent of 2019 is the strange europhilic brand that is Real Salt Lake. There is some potential for the Salts to improve their seeding in the playoffs, but other than pride the Whitecaps still have “nothing” to play for. Here’s hoping we get one last win to celebrate.

Fancy dress – it is a loosely held tradition that the final match of the season (usually much closer to Halloween) is “fancy dress.” Got a costume you’re test-running for the end of the month? Throw it on. Enjoy the last bit of live soccer we’re going to see at BC Place this year. See you all in the stands.

Referee Assignments

REF: Ted “Eyes Closed” Unkel
AR1: Kyle “The Nutritionist” Atkins
AR2: Corey “Sunglasses at Night” Rockwell
4TH: Ramy “Prefers Dry Toast” Touchan
VAR: Joe “Seeing What Ted Missed” Dickerson
AVAR: Rene “Run It Again” Parra


Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 8W – 10D – 15L, 34pts, last place MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-W-D-W
  • Real Salt Lake: 15W – 5D – 13L, 50pts, 5th place MLS West
  • High Sodium FC: W-L-D-L-W

Pre-Match At

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!

Southsiders Itinerary

  • 11:00am – Library Square opens
  • 1:00pm – Game kicks off
  • 3:00pm – The Longest Off-Season™ begins

MLS Round 33: LA Galaxy

Away Game Day Info

Sunday, September 29th, Kickoff 4:30pm

It’s the penultimate game of the 2019 Whitecaps season and we know where they’re ending up when it’s all said and done. Last place in the Western Conference is the Whitecaps final resting spot in the standings. We also know that we cannot “win” the wooden spoon, as the hapless FC Cincinnati is firmly stapled to last spot overall in the league.

The Whitecaps opponents for their final away game of the year are the LA Galaxy, who have already confirmed their spot in the playoffs. The Caps can only hope to play spoiler on table position in their last two matches.

Referee Assignments

REF: Alan “Whinge Magnet” Kelly
AR1: Eric “Wonderbread” Weisbrod
AR2: Apolinar “Evil Twin” Mariscal
4TH: Baldomero “Already in Beach Mode” Toledo
VAR: Victor “*Your Sponsorship Here*” Rivas
AVAR: Cameron “Catnap” Blanchard


Previous Results

  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC: 7W – 10D -15L, 31pts, last place MLS West
  • Whitecaps form: L-L-L-W-D
  • Los Angeles Galaxy: 16W – 3D – 13L, 51pts, 3rd place MLS West
  • Zlatangeles form: L-L-W-W-W

Away Viewing

  • Library Square Public House, 300 W Georgia St – all ages on Whitecaps game days!