The Real Deal

At Last Night’s Board of Directors meeting, I was thrilled to be unanimously elected as President of The Vancouver Southsiders.

These literally are big shoes to fill after the wonderful two years we have been led by John Knox aka Johnnie Monster, but I will do my utmost to ensure that we continue to grow and remain the most visible supporters in Vancouver and the No1 Supporters Club in Canada.

To give you some background on myself, for those who don’t know me. I have been involved with The Southsiders for about 10 years now and was one of the founders when we made the decision to go “legit” a couple of years ago.

For our first year, I was your Treasurer, but took over “Events” for 2011, which I have thoroughly enjoyed despite a few obstacles we had to overcome.

I will continue to head up the “Events” in 2012, but will be assisted by some “young blood”.

I also have a wonderful friend and Vice-President in the shape of Brett Graham aka piltdownman, to assist me in working with the Front Office of Vancouver Whitecaps FC and an exciting new Board of Directors.

One of the first thing I will be doing is changing my Southsiders forum name to The Real Deal, which as I mentioned at the AGM is a nickname given to me by Peter Schaad, and is way more appropriate given my age!

The Tractor Boy nickname was given to me by Zach Meisenheimer way back around 2001, because of my penchant for wearing an Ipswich Town top in the Southside as back then replica shirts were hard to find!

We already have several Korean members, but I’d like to welcome the entire Korean soccer loving community to join us out as we’d love to share their well-known passion of the beautiful game.

We may not number the Emerald City Supporters in Seattle or Timbers Army in Portland, but we have our own individuality which I fundamentality do not want to change.

The Bloggers we have in the Southside are probably the best in the MLS and this shows that not only are we a witty and sarcastic bunch, we are also amongst the most informed and envied in the entire MLS.

Thank you for all the messages of support, and I know that, with you, that we are going to have a fantastic year in 2012

Chris Deal

“The Real Deal”

photo courtesy of VanCityVilla