Ticketing Update for Whitecaps vs Miami

Hello fellow Southsiders,

Many of you have been inquiring about tickets for our May 25th match against Inter Miami and we have an update to give. Unfortunately we were not able to escape the insane ticket mark-up for this game either; however with some creative thinking and some restructuring of our regular GA ticket pricing we are pleased to announce that we will be able to provide a limited number of tickets for $30 (an incredible $205 discount) for our Southside members.

Due to the very limited amount of tickets in our inventory and the anticipated demand for this game, the Vancouver Southsiders Board of Directors have decided that the best way to distribute the tickets evenly and fairly is to hold a Ticket Lottery for current members as of May 4th, 2024. The Draw will be limited to 1 per member and take place one week before the match with oversight from the VSS Ombudsman.

Tickets will be distributed on the day of the match, and to ensure tickets are not re-sold a valid VSS membership card (digital card will be accepted) will need to be shown to the Director of Ticketing at Gate G prior to being sent the ticket immediately before entering the stadium. If you plan to use the ticket for your +1 please ensure they are also there for ticket transfer. Further details will be distributed to the winning ticket holders upon the closing of the draw.

To opt-in to the Lottery for these tickets please fill out the following survey. The draw will be made on May 18th.


See you in the Southside, and ‘mon the Caps!

-Kevin C