86 Thank Yous From the Southsiders’ Vice-President

I’m sure everyone realizes what an amazing and awesome event last Sunday afternoon was.

To think that this time last year the Southsiders were a bunch of a 100 or so people standing in the rain behind the net at Swangard out in the ‘burbs.
Now we stretch back for over thirty rows in a multi million dollar, state of the art facility in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

What I think is even more exciting, is the way we have stepped up our game and have created a spectacular atmosphere that we can all be proud of.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who helped bring together what was historic moment not only in our lives, but for the Whitecaps, the Southsiders and the City of Vancouver.

All of you who sung and screamed at the top of your lungs out for the full 90 are to be commended. We may have woken up with sore throats and a raspy voice on Monday morning, but I think it was well worth it.  I would like to give a special thank you to our Head Capo, Pat aka AJAX79, ably assisted by Kris and Dan for leading the chants. I’m sure everyone agrees that they are steering the atmosphere in the right direction, which will only grow and improve in time. A huge thanks to our drummers Massimo and Chris for drumming in time which I believe really helps everyone keeps in time.

For those Southsiders who volunteered their precious time on Saturday to help with the game day presentation, a huge thank you from myself and the club.  For those of you unaware of it, those little Whitecaps flags were placed by thirty-five Southsiders who now know BC Place inside out.

A massive thank you to the crew who helped set up the Tifo in the evening. Adam who created the amazing tree for the bonfire together with Kris in the Southsiders arts and crafts department. Adam also took it upon himself to create ‘Disco Valentine’, which if you ask me is bloody brilliant. I also need to thank my fellow board members who have been working their asses off all season long to get us to where we are today. 

I think we all also need to thank the Whitecaps FC, whom without their co-operation we would have achieved all we have.
Firstly to Gary Chung and Roberto Carbrone from the Whitecaps FC Ticketing Team for helping many of us move our seats in order to make more compact sections. I strongly believe that this extra effort on their part has allowed us to really come together as a group at the Stadium and in time organically grow. From the Whitecaps Marketing Department I also really need to thank Caitlyn for the tour and Shawna for the Graphics.

More than anyone I need to thank Hillary Campbell at the Club as well as her team, including Jodie and the ‘Poncho Men’. They worked around the clock to get their stuff ready but made time to help the Southsiders had everything we needed to achieve our goals. Hillary even offered to personally go back to Empire with me at midnight Saturday night to go looking for some missing tifo items. Without all their hard work, your match day experience wouldn’t have been nearly as spectacular.

We do not need to rest here. We still need to grow bigger and louder, and with your help I know we can.

You’ve had a few days to rest your voices, we now need to get ready for the next match on Thursday and for the remainder of this season.

Come on You ‘Caps

Brett Graham

Vancouver Southsiders Director of Stadium Operations
Vancouver Southsiders Vice President