Election for 2019: Members At Large. Five (5) elected Director positions*
  • xczimixczimi
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    Members at large five (5) director positions

    • Provides operational support and oversight to ensure the Society delivers activities, events and services on behalf of the General Membership;

    Note that the number of five (5) is pending and requires the motion to expand the board with 2 new positions at the AGM to pass.

    Should the motion fail, only three (3) positions will be elected

    These duties will be assigned at the first Meeting of the Executive Board either directly to Members at large, or to Captain Volunteers from the membership.

    Duties regarding Membership & Recruiting

    • Maintain records of current membership;
    • Maintain list of members eligible for office;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of membership packages and items;
    • Manage recruiting of new members.

    Duties regarding Home Ticketing

    • Organize single game ticketing for home games in GA section;
    • Organize season ticketing for home games for GA section;

    Duties regarding Stadium Operations

    • Co-ordinate stadium access with Whitecaps FC;
    • Manage Capo and Drum Team;

    Duties regarding External Communications

    • Manage communication outside of membership including but not limited to media relations, social media and public relations;
    • Sell advertising space in any Southsiders Media.

    Duties regarding Internal Communications

    • Manage communication primarily for membership including but not limited to our website, blog and newsletters;
    • Manage correspondence received via main contact email address;

    Duties regarding TIFO display

    • Manage creation and execution of stadium tifo displays home and away;

    Duties regarding Social Events and Partnerships

    • Manage social events including but not limited to pub nights, viewing parties, and special events;
    • Organize match day social events.
    • Manage Commercial Partnership and Sponsorships;

    Duties regarding Merchandise

    • Co-ordinate the selection and creation of merchandise;
    • Orders merchandise for the group;
    • Maintain records of current merchandise inventory;
    • Maintain and manage the Vancouver Southsiders Online Store;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of merchandise via post and on matchdays.

    Duties regarding Away Travel

    • Organize ticketing for away games;
    • Co-ordinate travel, accommodation for - primarily Cascadia - away games.
    • Co-ordinate security plans for away games.
    • Report Away Travel information to ISC

    Eligible candidates may nominate themselves here, or they can accept a nomination brought forward by another person who is a member in good standing of the General Membership.

    It is important to note that only official, dues-paying members of the Southsiders can nominate a candidate. To assist with verification purposes, persons nominating others must self-identify as a member in good standing. The proposed candidate must also accept the nomination in writing on the discussion forum.

    It is expected that candidates provide a detailed statement of their planned involvement of duties, projects and committees during their tenure as Executives of the Board. This should also include a brief statement regarding their personal background, experience and expertise, particularly as those things relate to the duties listed.

    Nominees have the right to decline their nomination by a third party, or withdraw their nomination at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    Nominees are only permitted to stand as a candidate for a maximum of one role on the executive board (Treasurer, Secretary, Ombudsman or Member at large).

    Three nominees will be elected to this role on the executive role of Member at Large.

    The final deadline for nominations is 1:30 pm on December 7th, 2017.

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    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
  • JoelJoel
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    Joel Daley #1774 Good morning. I would like to put my name forward for "Member at Large". In 2013, after watching the Whitecaps from the sidelines, we bought our first 5 game pack. Seeing what was going on in 252/3, there was no question that was where I needed to be. I have been involved with the Southside for the better part of the last 4 years. Initially responding to a call for assistance painting tifo, I have become increasingly involved ever since. Ideally, my strengths lie in Stadium Operations and TIFO, however I am also willing to take on whatever tasks need doing.

    My goal for tifo would be to highlight 4-6 games over the course of the season for large displays, and to update/retire some of our railing banners. A fresh coat of paint on some of our "gold standard" banners would be welcome as well I think.

    As for Stadium Operations, it's a well established routine. No re-inventing the wheel required. I would like to see a bit more organization and structure around our use of flags though. I remember drilling holes and attaching flags to poles for 150...200 City of Vancouver and Southsider flags in 2015. How many of those do we have left? I think we could do a better job, not only of keeping our flags, but how we use those flags in our visual displays.

    We have come through a difficult year, on and off the pitch. I'm optimistic about what this season brings, but I am also aware that nothing happens without some preparation and hard work. I hope I have the chance to serve you, in whatever that capacity is. Elected or not. Thank you.

    1774 - member in good standing
  • chauchi09chauchi09
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    Reading through the election rules, it doesn't look like nominations need to be seconded, so I'll just wish you good luck Joel. Thanks for being the first to put yourself forward.

    Member #203 - Charitable Causes Committee - @chauchi09 - Sec 251 Row J 3-4
  • SubhedgehogSubhedgehog
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    I'm Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, member #557, and I'm nominating myself to run for a member at large position.

    I'm currently on the board, having rejoined the executive after the GM this summer. After the juggling of responsibilities I ended up with internal communications and stadium ops on my plate, along with the general work before the board as a group. This proved quite challenging for a number of reasons, and I hope that we will see an expanded board in 2019 to allow a better distribution of responsibilities.

    Previously I served several years as Director of Internal Communications from 2013-2016. I have been actively involved as a volunteer in the years I was not a member of the board, starting in 2012 and continuing to this day.

    When I rejoined the board we had some challenging issues facing us, some of which we will continue to engage with in the coming year. These include clarifying our mission as a supporters group, managing our relationship with the Whitecaps (front office staff, technical staff and players), and volunteer recruitment / organisation.

    I hope that the efforts of the current board have been seen as earnest attempts to "right the ship". We're set to experience a sea change in how the club is managed as Marc Dos Santos takes the reins, and we all have a great opportunity to build new and better relationships with the manager and players than we've had in the past.

    I hope to continue contributing to the group's renewal next year.

    Paul, VSS Member #557, Section 252 behind the drum
  • My name is Dim McNami, and I'm member #1669 in good standing, nominating myself to run for a member at large position.

    Over the last few years, I had the chance to be more involved in the Southside. I gave Peter a hand with the design and front-end part of the website, I helped when needed on an ad-hoc basis to deal with imageries for the social properties, designed the scarf for the 2018 International Supporters Council held in Vancouver, supported the GA sections and ticketing when needed, assisted with stadium setup and, as everyone, I sing as loud as I can to support our team in the stands.

    I joined the new board in September, helping with the merch and events responsibilities. Those three months were intense as there was a lot to learn for someone new to this, but this was a great opportunity to kickstart the season ahead if I were to be reelected.

    As I mentioned at our general meeting, I still believe our focus should be to recenter ourself as a supporter group and straighten our relationship with the caps and between our members.

    I don't know what 2019 holds for our club and for our group, but I want to believe that we all will do what's needed to help and support for making what we hope is the best to come true.

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