Election 2018: Members At Large. Three (3) elected Director positions
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    Members at large three (3) director positions

    • Provides operational support and oversight to ensure the Society delivers activities, events and services on behalf of the General Membership;

    These duties will be assigned at the first Meeting of the Executive Board either directly to Members at large, or to Captain Volunteers from the membership.

    Duties regarding Membership & Recruiting

    • Maintain records of current membership;
    • Maintain list of members eligible for office;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of membership packages and items;
    • Manage recruiting of new members.

    Duties regarding Social Events and Partnerships

    • Manage social events including but not limited to pub nights, viewing parties, and special events;
    • Organize match day social events.
    • Manage Commercial Partnership and Sponsorships;

    Duties regarding External Communications

    • Manage communication outside of membership including but not limited to media relations, social media and public relations;
    • Sell advertising space in any Southsiders Media.

    Duties regarding Internal Communications

    • Manage communication primarily for membership including but not limited to our website, blog and newsletters;
    • Manage correspondence received via main contact email address;

    Duties regarding Stadium Operations

    • Manage creation and execution of stadium tifo displays home and away;
    • Administrate stadium promotional items;
    • Co-ordinate stadium access with Whitecaps FC;
    • Manage Capo and Drum Team;

    Duties regarding Merchandise

    • Co-ordinate the selection and creation of merchandise;
    • Orders merchandise for the group;
    • Maintain records of current merchandise inventory;
    • Maintain and manage the Vancouver Southsiders Online Store;
    • Co-ordinate the distribution of merchandise via post and on matchdays.

    Duties regarding Away Travel

    • Organize ticketing for away games;
    • Co-ordinate travel, accommodation for - primarily Cascadia - away games.
    • Co-ordinate security plans for away games.
    • Report Away Travel information to ISC

    Eligible candidates may nominate themselves here, or they can accept a nomination brought forward by another person who is a member in good standing of the General Membership.

    It is important to note that only official, dues-paying members of the Southsiders can nominate a candidate. To assist with verification purposes, persons nominating others must self-identify as a member in good standing. The proposed candidate must also accept the nomination in writing on the discussion forum.

    It is expected that candidates provide a detailed statement of their planned involvement of duties, projects and committees during their tenure as Executives of the Board. This should also include a brief statement regarding their personal background, experience and expertise, particularly as those things relate to the duties listed.

    Nominees have the right to decline their nomination by a third party, or withdraw their nomination at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    Nominees are only permitted to stand as a candidate for a maximum of one role on the executive board (Treasurer, Secretary, Ombudsman or Member at large).

    Three nominees will be elected to this role on the executive role of Member at Large.

    The final deadline for nominations is 11:00 am on December 8th, 2017.

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  • I'd like to nominate Brendan Beynon, Member #2057 (Forum ID TBA), for one of the Member at Large positions. He has been a very enthusiastic volunteer this season and can generally be found at the front of the March to the Match, Capo-ing at least one half a game, or being one of the first supporters at Doolin's on match day.

    I feel Brendan has a lot to bring to the Merchandise, Membership & Ops areas of the position and will be an asset to the Southsiders Board of Directors in 2018.

    Professional hair-twirler & chair spinner. Grilled cheese aficionado. Lover of sports and all things Sunday Funday.

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  • Westsider13Westsider13
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    I second the nomination of Brendan.

    Ryan Burns, member 974 in good standing.

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  • SubhedgehogSubhedgehog
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    I'm nominating Aaryn Vivian (@aarynvivian) as a Member at Large.

    Aaryn has been instrumental in arranging many events for us throughout the year, including several meaningful & successful fundraisers and of course the farewell party for David Ousted. She has worked closely with our partners and made sure that they are providing what we as a group need.

    Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, member 557 in good standing.

    Paul, VSS Member #557, Section 252 behind the drum
  • chauchi09chauchi09
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    I second the nomination of Aaryn.

    Scott Misfeldt, member 203 in good standing.

    Member #203 - Charitable Causes Committee - @chauchi09 - Sec 251 Row J 3-4
  • I would also like to put forward Darcie Kerr for a position as a Member At Large. Working with Darcie this year reminded me of how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her work ethic is tremendous. She was the driving force behind the installation of the new tifo rigging at BC Place, as well as lots of the great merchandise we released this year. Darcie's vision for the Southsiders as a community is one that benefits all of us.

    John Knox, Member #011

    Member #0011

    Twitter: @johnniemonster
  • xczimixczimi
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    I'm going all in with nomintations, seconds and thirds.

    I'd like to third Aaryn's nomination. Her hard work ensuring our partners follow through on their commitments, organizing events on a whim, and extending our bonding opportunities outside of the soccer realm has been key in our successes as a group in 2017.

    I'd like to second Darcie's nomination. As Johnnie succintly put it, her exterme positivity put a smile even on a Grinch as grumpy as myself. Some of Darcie's work in 2017 will come to fruition in years to come.

    I would like to nominate John Knox for a position as Member At Large. As a founding member, his perspective and experience paired with his communication and team leading skills are essential qualities in the leadership of the group.

    But as much as I'd love to see the 2017 board back, I'd like to see us all challenged by fresh blood and new ideas. While hoping that all their enthusiasm and commitments for the group will continue regardless of the election results.

    With that in mind, I'd like to third Brendan's nomination and see what he has in mind and what has to offer for the group in 2018.

    I'd also like to nominate Shayne Grimmer for a Member at Large position. Shayne, after missing out on a board position last year, he followed through and lead our marches and organized capo/drum volunteers.

    Peter Czimmermann, member #124 in good voice and good standing.

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
  • SubhedgehogSubhedgehog
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    I will second Shayne's nomination.

    Paul Sabourin-Hertzog, member #557 in good standing.

    Paul, VSS Member #557, Section 252 behind the drum
  • I’ll second Johnnie’s nomination.

    Professional hair-twirler & chair spinner. Grilled cheese aficionado. Lover of sports and all things Sunday Funday.

    Twitter: @aarynvivian
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  • Thank you, I am pleased to accept the nomination.

    I have been involved with the Southsiders since 1999, and over the years I have held various leadership roles. Prior to our steps toward formal organization, I was one of two Southsiders liaisons to the Whitecaps FO whose job was to advocate on behalf of supporters, and to negotiate resolutions to issues of concern that were impacting the match day experience at Swangard.

    I was part of the team of incredible volunteers who planned our transition to elected leadership, and the massive expansion of membership that came with our move to MLS. I have been honoured to serve two terms as president (2010 and 2011), and once as vice president (2017). For many of the years in between I have been largely responsible for external communications, which includes media relations and social media engagement. This past season I also assumed some internal communications responsibilities, and led a fantastic team of volunteers specializing in digital content, including photography, videography, graphic design and social media content. Leading this team is something I hope to repeat again next season.

    One of the things I am most proud of as a Southsider has been our move towards supporting charitable initiatives in our community. This past year I spearheaded the #Talk4Erin campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues, and to raise funds for the Crisis Centre of BC. I have also been extremely proud to see our sponsorship of the Vancouver Street Soccer League flourish season over season. I am a firm believer that the Southsiders have tremendous potential to do a lot of good in our community. It can't be "just about football" - certainly not when we have such vast numbers of talented and dedicated supporters in our midst. We have the means to do more for those who need help, and therefore I feel we rightly should.

    If anyone has any questions they wish to discuss offline, I can be reached at johnniemonster@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance for your consideration at the polls.

    Member #0011

    Twitter: @johnniemonster
  • Thank you @Subhedgehog, @chauchi09, and @xczimi for the nomination, I happily accept.

    For those of you who don't know me, 2017 was my first year on the Southsiders' Board of Directors after joining the group as a member in 2013. As one of the three Members at Large this past year, I was primarily in charge of Events & Partnerships as well as Membership.

    To say the past year has been a busy one would be an understatement but we made it through! I began the year with a couple goals:

    1.) Get back on track with our downtown Partners to enhance our match day experience & create more benefits for our members, and,

    2.) Host at least one event per month that was not specifically related to a match day

    On goal #1: Through a lot of meetings, emails, phone calls, texts, and the occasional carrier pigeon, I feel we made excellent headway this year with our downtown Partners which will set us up with a solid foundation moving into 2018. This foundation will ultimately leave the 2018 Board with more time to explore event options both inside and outside of the downtown core in the year to come.

    On goal #2: We managed to host 16(!) events this season that were not specifically related to a match day. These events included the 2nd Annual Blue & White Navy trip to Bowen Island, fundraisers for various causes (VSSL, #Talk4Erin, Rec League Soccer), Summer Pitch n' Putt, Karaoke, the Ousted Farewell Party, and much more! We accomplished a lot this year and I appreciate all of you who volunteered, attended & participated.

    My goals for 2018 are to build on all the work that went into last year, to make sure that match days (home & away!) are fun-filled and organized in such a way that all of our members have information on the goings on and can participate. We also have a huge task in front of us hosting the 2018 ISC meeting in January, but the event-planning is already in full-swing and, elected or not, I look forward to welcoming the visiting delegates and helping organize events that our entire membership can participate in around the scheduled meeting days. Additionally, I'd like to use my extensive network of contacts to expand the Partnerships / Friends of the Southside to secure more benefits for the membership.

    Thank you again for a phenomenal 2017 & I look forward to creating more great memories in 2018!

    Professional hair-twirler & chair spinner. Grilled cheese aficionado. Lover of sports and all things Sunday Funday.

    Twitter: @aarynvivian
    VSS Member # 1582
  • Thank you very much for the nomination however at this time I will unfortunately have to decline.

    I am more than willing and excited to continue to lead the march and assist with capos and other activities within the Southside and if the Chair position I held last year still exists I'd be happy to continue with that role, however with my wedding and a number of other significant life changes taking place I do not want to commit to a full board position if I am unable to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability.

    Thank you and see you on Saturday.

  • Thank you for the nomination for a Member at Large position @aarynvivian , @westsider13 , and @xczimi , I accept.

    I have been a member of the Southsiders for the past 2 years, becoming a much more active and involved member this past year - helping with Capo duties, stadium cleanup, the marches, and anywhere else that needed an extra set of hands (or lungs). I have enjoyed participating in the many events, fundraisers, and pre/post match celebrations, and hope that my enthusiasm for both the team, and building the Southsiders supporters culture, has added to the inviting and fun atmosphere the Southsiders create, and inspired others to be more involved.

    If voted into this position, my goals for the coming year would be to continue to build a welcoming, encouraging, and exciting atmosphere for those who are new to the Southsiders, or who havent been to events or been active participants at the games in a while. I would like to continue to engage those in the Southsiders sections at the stadium, teaching them the songs, chants and cheers, and encouraging more people to participate. I would also like to bring this passion and increased involvement outside of the stadium, by encouraging more people to become Southsiders members and to attend Southsiders events, marches, and fundraisers outside of match day. I would also like to help grow the Southsiders South of the Fraser events, and attendance to these events.

    I believe that in this past year I have proven to be a dependable extra set of hands wherever it is needed, and will continue to do so in the coming year.

    Thank you,


  • I would like to thank Johnnie for the nomination for a MAL position with the board. I will accept his nomination.

    I joined the Southsiders board last year because I love what we do, and wanted to be more involved. I definitely was more involved! We got some great projects done this year. I was thrilled to finally hoist the rigging for our tifo mid-season! I would like to use it even more this year.

    If elected, I would continue with my goals from last year: I love the Southside and I want other people to love it too.

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    Nominations closed

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
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