Election 2018: Ombudsperson
  • xczimixczimi
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    • Independent, non-voting board member;
    • Provides the General Membership with fiscal and administrative oversight of the Executive Board's activities;
    • Provides counsel to the Executive Board on matters of member discipline, conflict of interest and other complex member issues;
    • Represents the interests of the General Membership and individual members to the Executive Board through advocacy and consultation.

    Eligible candidates may nominate themselves here, or they can accept a nomination brought forward by another person who is a member in good standing of the General Membership.

    It is important to note that only official, dues-paying members of the Southsiders can nominate a candidate. To assist with verification purposes, persons nominating others must self-identify as a member in good standing. The proposed candidate must also accept the nomination in writing on the discussion forum.

    It is recommended that candidates provide a brief statement within the appropriate discussion thread to provide the General Membership with a sense of their personal background, experience and expertise, particularly as those things relate to the board position in question.

    Nominees have the right to decline their nomination by a third party, or withdraw their nomination at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    Nominees are only permitted to stand as a candidate for a maximum of one role on the executive board (Treasurer, Secretary, Ombudsperson or Member at large).

    The final deadline for nominations is 11:00 am on December 8th, 2017.

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  • I would like to nominate Andrew Van Eden to return to this position. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him on the executive board this year, and he has been an outstanding advocate for our members. Andrew advised the board on some very complicated disciplinary matters this past season, and his advice has proven to be wise and fair in all respects. We have all been well served with Andrew in this important oversight role.


    John Knox, Member #011.

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  • I would like to second Andrew Van Eden

    Chris Deal, Member #003

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  • I am grateful for the past years opportunity to serve as the Ombudsman. As well a big thanks to Johnnie and Chris for the support to carry on next year. Unfortunately after great thought I will decline the nomination. Life has been busy and I have to find the balance I need. I really hope to see some names come forward for this amazing position and join a really dynamic board! If you are uncertain about the position I would be happy to chat with you to learn more.

    Andrew Van Eden
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    As a member, it is good to be standing
  • chauchi09chauchi09
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    Thank you Andrew, sorry to hear you won't be running again.

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  • xczimixczimi
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    I'd like to nominate Aidan Rantoul member #1518 @AidanR for the ombudsperson position for 2018. He has been an active member of our digital media team in 2017, he has been involved organizing the local supporter chapter of a certain EPL team as well. I believe him to be a great candidate and I hope he accepts this nomination.

    Peter Czimmermann member #124 in good standing.

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
  • I would also like to nominate member Greg Petrie for Ombudsman. Greg has been an active and engaged member and volunteer going back to the Swangard era. I've had the pleasure of knowing Greg for many years and can attest to his excellent people skills, sharp wit and good nature. I think the role of Ombudsman is one which Greg would excel in, and I hope he'll accept this nomination.

    John Knox, Member #011

    Member #0011

    Twitter: @johnniemonster
  • WatchmenWatchmen
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    Thanks John. I'll accept the nomination.

    I've been a member since the team was at Swangard, when gathered in the park pre-game and supported the local economy with a wide variety of empty beer cans. I've done a number of away trips, and helped out with tifo. I'm more than willing to engage on lengthy debates about the abilities of any player on the team or the state of the club.

    My work has required me to listen to a wide variety of complaints from vendors, customers, or members of (other) organizations, and I think I've got the abilities required to help resolve any complaints or disputes as required.

    I've seen both the highs and lows of the group, and know just how great it can be. I look forward to the chance to help the group in this role.

    Greg Petrie, Member #83

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  • I'd like to second @xczimi's nomination of @AidanR.

    Thank you @Bud212 for all your hard work this year!

    Professional hair-twirler & chair spinner. Grilled cheese aficionado. Lover of sports and all things Sunday Funday.

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  • AidanRAidanR
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    I will gladly accept my nomination. For those who I don’t know personally allow me to expand on my passion and relationship with the game.

    I’ve been attending football matches for thirty years now and my passion for the sport started in a region where the game is considered religion. Supporting Newcastle United and being on the periphery of multiple ownership changes at the club including offerings of shares in the club to becoming a member of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust in efforts to negotiate a fan ownership initiative has given me a deep understanding of how the relationships between supporters and front office can change over time and provides me great hindsight on how a variety of challenging issues can be addressed in the future.

    I have been attending Whitecaps games since the days at Swangard and also spent a period of time working alongside the Whitecaps Front Office performing field audio and match day audio for the Whitecaps MLS and PDL teams in 2011 at Empire Field. Last year I volunteered with the Southsiders’ Digital Media team and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    I have previous experience in organizing and running groups and events as In the early 00’s I helped found an automotive enthusiast group for Toyota MR2’s and organized multiple annual regional events for the Cascadia area, negotiated group discounts for members and established the roots of a group which is still meeting today of which my efforts were recognized with a lifetime membership.

    I look forward to the opportunity to put my skills and background to work for the membership in this exciting role.

    GA STH / Member #1518
    Organizer Vancouver Toon Army - Newcastle United Supporters Group - newcastleunited.ca
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    Nominations closed

    AKA Peter spillt his beer - President / Secretary / Director of Away Travel / ISC rep / IT Crowd Committee - member #124 - BC Place Section 251 Row F 101 --- http://www.xczimi.com
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